Video based process management on your Smartphone
We standardize User Generated Content
We guide through the production process step by step
Whether for marketing, Quality Management or HR - myMOVIE.GURU has the video solution.

about us

myMOVIE.GURU is an innovative video recording app that allows users to use standardized templates to produce branded video content directly on their Smartphones.

All our templates are based on our 48 Seconds™ concept and therefore have the perfect format to make sure everyone gets the main message. Just pick one of the templates and the on-screen stage directions will guide you step by step through the process of creating your video.

Users can also enter data within some of the steps. This data can either be displayed in one of the sequences or it can be used further after processing the video, i.e. by being sent to an online database.

Finally, the app automatically adds the Corporate Design to the processed videos by adding still frames and prepared animated sequences to the video. This way every clip will already be fully completed and ready to share once it has been processed. The production of short videos has never been cheaper, faster and easier than it has become with this app! Explore the possibilities in many areas, such as real estate, car sales, as a tool for decentralized video recruitment, as a marketing tool, for video contests, for quick news reporting or as a tool to report issues or errors in a video-based quality management.

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Showcase: Car Sales

Produce a fully branded car presentation within minutes. The video won't just inform about the car, but target the desires of your audience. More

Showcase: HR

Let candidates produce their own application-video - all in a standardized form and not longer the exactly 48 seconds. You get all the information you need from the applicant including gesture and voice. More

Showcase: Henkel

With myMOVIE.GURU product descriptions in video format are a lot easier and way cheaper than ever before. With our marketing template you can produce attractive presentation videos in no time. These videos don't just presentate your product, but demonstrate it. In this example our client HENKEL introduces adhesives with a short infomercial. More


myMOVIE.GURU Siemens

myMOVIE.GURU Siemens 

Siemens uses myMOVIE.GURU in their Quality Management in order to standardize digital documentation. They use specially tailored video based solutions for damage reports, as well as photo- and video based knowledge bases within central production steps.




On the one hand Coca Cola uses myMOVIE.GURU in the field of Human Resources with a tailored recruiting template and on the other hand for marketing purposes.


myMOVIE.GURU Henkel 


Henkel uses myMOVIE.GURU for product presentation with a infotainment/infomercial template. There employees introduce the gluing power of their products through funny videos.

Logo der ERGO-Versicherung

Logo der ERGO-Versicherung


ERGO-Insurance uses the myMOVIE.GURU app as a promotion tool in sales. That way video content is corporate branded and can be personalized as well, both within minutes.

Opinion Leaders Network

Opinion Leaders Network uses myMOVIE.GURU as Quickreporting-Tool for their own format. This way reports can be cut, processed and distributed directly from the event. As fast as can be!

FSE Robline

FSE Robline 


The company and their sales department use myMOVIE.GURU for product presentation and to portray their high-quality linen.

myMOVIE.GURU i2b Businesswettbewerb

myMOVIE.GURU i2b Businesswettbewerb 


The Erste Bank i2b Businessplan competition uses myMOVIE.GURU as decentralized pitch tool. The participants apply via the App for the following rounds.




Cafe+Co hat embed animated coffee-beans on the screens of their automates, which arise from our Emojimoves. Further applications in marketing are already planned.


The police authority of Burgenland uses myMOVIE.GURU to create content for social media channels, as marketing tool and to decentralized generate standardized photos of colleagues.

myMOVIE.GURU ERA immobilien


Era Immobilien uses myMOVIE.GURU for Real Estate presentations.



Novomatic uses the marketing template, static frames and intro-animation from myMOVIE.GURU for marketing purposes.


Thomas International Österreich



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