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Welcome to the myMOVIE.GURU Knowledge Base. Here we provide access to the core-concepts and –functionalities of our app myMOVIE.GURU, as well as to examples for applications in form of a video based Wiki-Blog. Scroll through and just click on the topic you’re interested in for further details.

All videos in this blog are produced with our app, or, more precisely, with a Knowledge-Base Template. The videos were recorded with a Samsung Galaxy S7. Each clip is exactly 48 seconds long, has the same sequential order and the same branding. Apart from the entry “Content Branding” we didn’t invest one single second into post production, video cut or rendering – everything was processed in our app, directly on the Smartphone.

We try to cover as much topics as possible – of course we’re not finished yet; we keep blogging news and updated on a regular basis. In case you’re interested in further details, have questions to a certain topic or want some more example to a certain product bundle, don’t hesitate to get in contact – maybe we will even answer in a blog post.

If you need more details to a certain product, just get in touch. We gladly are at your disposal.

We are happy, that you’re interested in myMOVIE.GURU and wish you a lot of fun with our wiki!


What is myMOVIE.GURU?

myMOVIE.GURU is an innovative video recording app that allows users to use standardized templates to produce branded video content directly on their smartphones.

All our templates are based on our 48 Seconds™ concept and therefore have the perfect format to make sure everyone gets the main message. Just pick one of the templates and the on-screen stage directions will guide you step by step through the process of creating your video.

Users can also enter data within some of the steps. This data can either be displayed in one of the sequences or it can be used further after processing the video, i.e. by being sent to an online database.

Finally, the app automatically adds the Corporate Design to the processed videos by adding still frames and prepared animated sequences to the video. This way every clip will already be fully completed and ready to share once it has been processed. The production of short videos has never been cheaper, faster and easier than it has become with this app! Explore the possibilities in many areas, such as real estate, car sales, as a tool for decentralized video recruitment, as a marketing tool, for video contests or as a tool to report issues or errors in a video-based quality management.

48 Seconds™

The 48 Seconds™ concept

Among other things myMOVIE.GURU is built on our templates. Those are standardized to create videos not longer than 48 seconds. This format is precisely the right length for short videos. Much like there have been standards before, say the standard size of a postcard that perfectly fit average hands, so does the 48 Seconds™ Concept introduces a new standard for video consumption in the age of information technology and social media. 48 second MMG’s perform very well on homepages, on social media walls or attached to emails.

There is a lot of information to take in these days. As tests have shown, the average attention span decreases rapidly after 50 seconds. That’s why every MMG template wraps the information up in small but attractive packages of 48 seconds to make sure that it will be received.

Furthermore, the 48 Seconds™ Concept guarantees the recipient that everything he or she needs to know will be communicated in a digestible timespan. When people see that a video doesn’t take longer than a minute they are much more likely to start watching it in the first place. As much as SMS or Twitter, myMOVIE.GURU isn’t just a technical solution, but a revolutionary format. Endless e-mails or PDFs end up on a to-do list most times. Due to the compact and attractively packaged information it’s more likely, that the clip will be consumed. No matter what you explain, it takes less than a minute and the viewer is informed.

Our standardized format also limits the size of each clip. Even MMGs filmed in HD won’t be bigger than 50 MB and this way easier to share and transfer.

In case you don’t want to puzzle your head over the sequential order and the ideal length of each step for your use-case, we provide workshops, to work on a template for your use-case together. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!


Video Cutting Templates for Smartphone

The technical key element of our App myMOVIE.GURU is the possibility, to create pre-defined video cutting templates for our customers. Instead of just filming through and to cut certain sequences in a post-production process, in our templates all steps are pre-defined. The user can view and record the different sequences over and over again, before he moves to the next sequence. It doesn’t matter when a certain sequence is recorded, you can film one part in one place, close the app and finish the video later at another location. With the execution process of the video the final cut will be processed, the overlays including entered data, animations and branding will be added and executed to the finished video.

One special USP of myMOVIE.GURU is that the user is guided step-by-step with on-screen stage directions and so through the entire process of the video production.

Because of the specifications of number and duration of the sequences in a template, all videos based on this template are structural exactly the same. In combination with our 48 Seconds™ concept, all our videos are standardized and therefore directly comparable. It only takes a few views and the viewer intuitively knows what to expect.

Along with the guided recording of the video sequences there are other steps, which can be part of a template. These steps can be used as information distribution, can request data entry or be used as advertising areas within the template. So the templates of myMOVIE.GURU are based on video cutting, but are in fact way more than that.

Our products are segmented in different prize segments. They can be used as out-of-the-box solution for a certain application, like car sales or real estate, or specially tailored for individual requests. Contact us today with your request and we will be there for you!


Data Entry in our templates

With myMOVIE.GURU you can enter data via input forms within the template and display this data in the video. That way you can deliver precise information, which for instance can be shown during different sequences of the video. Also showing a summary of all information at the end of the video is a common choice.

Such data can provide all sorts of information to somebody who is watching the MMG. Contact details, specifications about the content displayed in the MMG, even requests to those, who watch the video – the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Our automobile-template is a perfect example. The precise features of the car filmed with myMOVIE.GURU, like type, colour, HP, year of manufacture, etc., filled in a data form, can be used in the following sequence or at least be summarized and displayed as a 2 second overlay in the „Best Angle “-photo at the end of the video.

It is as well possible to use the entered data for other purposes. We can for example extract and transmit data from the MMG within highly complex process documentations – either via email or via direct data-base connection. The possibilities range from fully automated data capture, for example through a competition, to direct allocation of data to clusters. Even smart publication processes are possible.

Content Branding

automated logo overlay

One of the key points why myMOVIE.GURU is a true asset for every company, is because the app allows automated and standardized branding of the created video content directly on your smartphone. It is very easy to integrate static logos and short animations in our templates and display them as overlays over your videos.

This way each recorded video will be in line with your Corporate Design and can be distributed and shared directly from your smartphone to the relevant channels. To add a personal note, you can decide for each sequence where the logo will be displayed.

In case you already have an intro-animation we can add it to the template and make it available for the requested users. If you don’t have one, we will gladly create one for you. Same goes for static logo-frames.

Content Branding directly from your device is essentially in connection with the social media presence of your company. At the end of the day myMOVIE.GURU is a cheap, efficient and fast way to create standardized and fully branded content. No more video crews, no more hours of cutting in a studio, no more post-productions, but one single tool that will deliver a comparable result no matter how many people use it.

Stage Directions

Guide the user through the process

One special USP of myMOVIE.GURU are the on-screen stage directions, which guide the user through the entire process of the video production step-by-step. Advise can be of technical or content nature. This leads to unthinkable opportunities regarding the endless applications.

Technical advises generally lead to a higher quality of the end-product. Recommendations, like „don’t film against the sun or bright sources of light“ and stage directions like „keep your smartphone stable“ increase the probability, that the video matches up to a higher quality.

Content advise is a key-factor of myMOVIE.GURU product range. During production of a video, there are on-screen commands like „enter the room and make a huge but slow turn“ with the real estate video template or „now make a 360° sequence of your car“ in case using the car sales template. Following the arrow on screen let you check where you should be in the 360° sequence. These advises guarantee the standardization of the content.

With decentralized organized short-film production as it is used e.g. in competitions, video advertising, event reporting or in the field of quality management, stage directions are essential for the entire end-product. Give the user a chance to speak, as a testimonial, as a job application or as a report – with the right structure of sequences you get authentic, impressive and meaningful video material the way you need it. With myMOVIE.GURU you get superior content with low effort, at low cost and in high quality and quantity.

User Generated Content is the future of marketing, HR and quality management. The right stage directions are the key to get the right end-product. Contact us today and get the information you need to transform your ideas into reality.


What are steps?

Each myMOVIE.GURU template is segmented into different steps, depending on the application. These steps serve different functionalities. Basically there are four combinable types of steps: video sequences to be filmed, information, forms for data entry or video streams.

Filming video sequences, which are supported by on-screen stage directions, are the functional backbone of myMOVIE.GURU. These sequences open the door to the innovative video cuts in our templates. But: They are only one part leading to the countless applications of our App – the three other steps are as well essential.

For the better and useful information of the user, in order to provide tips and guidance or to provide certain mandatory legal information like Terms and Conditions or conditions for participation, a step can as well provide such information and make sure it’s received.

myMOVIE.GURU allows as well data entry for different reasons. Therefore we provide certain steps based on the use-case.

The (currently) latest opportunity, which our app provides as a process step, is that an information video can be streamed within the step. This opens other wide range of possibilities of application. In a concept of a competition an advertising video can be embedded – if a user wants to participate, the video has to be opened. In case of very complex procedures, additional tutorial videos can be placed here. Even an entire knowlegde base – filmed with myMOVIE.GURU - can be placed here step-by-step, in order to explain the context. New application areas will be added on a constant basis - so, come again and check it out.


User Generated Branded Content

One of the most exiting aspects of the digital revolution is the shift of executive competence to the periphery, under the guidance and coordination of centralized units - better known as „Gig-Economy“ or „Sharing-Economy“. Companies, like AirBNB, Uber or Foodora achieved market leader positions without ever steering a taxi or delivering food by themselves. At the centre of all these developments is not only an idea, the core is primarily technology – the smartphone. This technology provides now the opportunity to implement, what was so far only discussed behind the scenes: User Generated Branded Content.

Essentially it is like Uber for marketers: let your customers produce your advertising by using the most successful medium of the 21st century – the video. How should that work? myMOVIE.GURU makes it happen.

Define technical and content specifications in steps and in stage directions of a template and benefit from the standardization of the 48 seconds™ concept. Pre-define the branding and motivate your clients or your community with a video competition for the production, make them into quick-reporters or let them keep a video-diary.

Each video that is created does automatically have the exact same structure and, if you wish so, even a similar content – everything of course with your branding. At one hand, you can generate an endless volume of authentic video material, which goes directly into a server-bucket, where you can access the content filterable and utilizable.

On the other hand request your customers to share the content with their own social media bubble and thereby scale your advertising message. This way your message is customized exactly to your target group, by the individual note of each user.

User Generated Branded Content is the future. Contact us and get all the information you need to set sail for your future.

Example: Knowledge Base

Video based knowledge base in the blink of an eye!

The video as a medium for knowledge transfer is a phenomenon, which has reached new heights with YouTube. A lot of companies are already using videos for their knowledge base activities. For most people moving pictures are a better way of learning than a written text. When it comes to explaining complicated handlings, complex structures or aesthetic context videos are superior to any written text, especially when extended with spoken words. Besides, the video as well overcomes all sorts of language hurdles or reading difficulties and therefore is an universal comprehensible medium.

However, the creation of video-knowledge-databases was a lengthy and costly undertaking. Video teams, who film, cut and rework the short video are usually expensive and neither always nor anytime available. With myMOVIE.GURU these problems are solved. Regardless whether you want to provide learning videos, tutorials or video up-dates within or outside of your company – it never was as easy and cheap to provide professional and attractive information to your employees or your clients.

The format, which is used for those knowledge-base-videos, is based on our 48 Seconds™ concept. This concept provides essential advantages:

  • The attention span of the viewer will be perfectly used by providing small and digestible knowledge bits.
  • The video inputs always have the same course and the same duration, which is why expectations are quickly established in the audience, while any fears are quickly reduced this way.
  • With our intelligent guidance system, wanted information can be found and accessed much faster.
  • The video-producer is requested to formulate the information as precise as possible and to divide topic overlaps into several units, to provide clarity regarding content and structure. This way entries become more attractive and the knowledge base becomes clearly arranged.
  • Special sequences can be repeated during the production, so it is easier for the producer to implement even complex handling or explanations very fast and efficient.

Video Cut and Content Branding are fully automated executed by the template and therefore the time the production of knowledge videos needs is extremely shortened and highly efficient. With little preparation and experience, one single person can produce dozens of entries just in one day. You can watch your knowledge blog, video wiki or video diary grow within a few weeks. This will provide your employees or customers with efficient and attractive information and enables them to find content they look for fast and easy.

Contact us now and we will discuss your ideas and requirements and create your solution together– your Digital Company Video Knowledge Base is at your fingertips.

Example: Automobile

Automobile Presentation

The video as presentation medium is currently becoming more and more important. Within the next two years, the video will replace the photo on social media. This is not surprising at all, because – in contrast to pictures – a short video can tell a story, give a personal touch and it can bring a presentation to life.

With the presentation of a car the difference becomes very transparent. Instead of just catalogue the available selections, our automobile presentation template is all about creating emotions and drawing attention to your company or your product, by telling a moving story or by a well-placed joke. With myMOVIE.GURU you can film as much cars, as you want and easily share them to the relevant distribution channels.

Thanks to the stage directions, which lead you through the template step-by-step, you create – very easily – more than ‘just’ a product video. Tips and tricks and the pre-defined cutting sequence let you become a cameraman and a director at the same time. Based on our 48 secondsTM concept you get diversified but nevertheless standardized and always equal branded short-videos, which even summarize all data of your car in the final picture.

The combination of your creative and cool ideas and our tool creates a fully branded and ready-to-use car presentation within a few minutes, which touches the desires of the user, instead of overwhelming him with object-information.


Example: Real Estates

Story based real estate presentation

If it comes to the question of how to transfer spatial and personal impression of a real estate property, the video opens up totally new opportunities. With myMOVIE.GURU you have the perfect tool in hands to present your objects in a more “subjective” way.

Along with traditional methods of presenting a property, the upload of pictures and texts to large internet portals or newspapers, there is another rather unexploited market: the groups, marketplaces and hash-tags of the social media. The reason the real estate sales was not greatly successful on these promising markets is very simple: the user aren’t interested in descriptions of objects, they are looking for participating in emotional and subjective events. In social media it is all about personality, emotions and stories, not about size and square meters and prize. For that reason the video becomes particularly interesting for the sales of real estates.

With our myMOVIE.GURU real estate template, you will receive a perfect presentation tool for your objects and at the same time a powerful marketing tool. Based on pre-produced video cutting templates, integrated logo branding and intro animation with the CI of your company, the video production will be a piece of cake. Pre-designed stage directions and general technical guidance help all users, regardless of their experience, to become a director and camera man In no time and the video-story for your real estate is on the doorstep. Our proven 48 Seconds™ concept guarantees the perfect use of the viewer’s attention span and increases the potential spread on social media.

With myMOVIE.GURU, customers get the essential information not only at the point of decision making; they receive your offer already at the stage where the desire for change is created. Contact us now and get all the information you need to build up demand for your properties.

Example: Product Presentation

Product presentation made easy!

It goes without saying, that product presentations with a video are superior to simple text product descriptions and photos. Up to date especially for Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises and even larger corporations the cost-reward relation was, due to the sheer amount of data, a down-side for the video. Our myMOVIE.GURU App is changing that for good!

Pre-produced video cutting patterns, integrated logo branding, intro animations of your company and your CI, makes the production of professional product presentations all of a sudden convenient at less cost. Build-in stage directions and general technical information enables even people with less experience to produce high quality videos. Our 48 Seconds™ concept guarantees, that the attention of the viewer is perfectly used and it gives the producer confidence for higher accuracy within the production. All necessary photos and product specifications can be pictured in the closing screen.

Instead of a static pictures and text, you can use our marketing template in order let your products speak for themselves, show their real potential, their beauty and strength with a simple to use but highly professional video. Contact us and get all the information about the myMOVIE.GURU App you need.

Example: Quality Management

Standardized Digital Documentation

From the time, where a company grows beyond a certain size, it is necessary to establish standardized documentation processes. Those provide and ensure higher quality standards and improvements of a product or service. These process documentations are primarily still established, stored and published with a medium of the old century – the paper. myMOVIE.GURU is the solution for your company, if it comes to digitalizing this processes. At the same time the efficiency will be increased and the accuracy and quality of your documentation will be dramatically improved by moving pictures.

Based on our step-by-step build-up of the documentation template, the user will be guided by stage directions and so, the process will be standardized and can be produced decentralized and without big preparation. There is an additional possibility to present the user video tutorials within the different steps, which help to improve the understanding and provides guidance for a perfect execution of the documentation process.

An integrated step for data-entry enables documentation with text and afterwards a direct connectivity to servers and database systems. Documentation comes instantly to the right place and to the right employees in order to provide necessary information.

Our App works perfectly on Smartphone and other smart devices, which gives a wide range of availability and usability. The documentation process becomes fully mobile regardless of time and place. Documentation of failure, near-miss documentation, complains or prophylactic evidence documentation – myMOVIE.GURU boosts the efficiency, improves the accuracy and facilitates the process of documentation. We provide all of this in one App on the smartphone. We gladly provide information about the myMOVIE.GURU App and how it helps your company moving into a digital future.

Example: Video Contest

Smartphone based Video Contest

Each marketer is dreaming about creation and collection of self-produced, authentic and nevertheless already branded video content of his customers – the question was „HOW?“. With myMOVIE.GURU there is now for the first time a solution available, which provides the technology through a standardized format, in order to enable clients to create User Generated Branded Content.

Smartphone based video competitions are an appropriate method to collect user generated content. In order to provide a standardized duration of each video, our proven 48 Seconds™ concept is used. So that the content is comparable and to keep all videos at the same quality level we may define together each step of the template, the stage directions and the desired branding. Within additional steps information and entry conditions can be specified as well as data and characteristics of participants can be collected. Also video tutorials and advertising areas can be placed within the template.

Furthermore, we also provide solutions for the evaluation, categorization and filtering of all produced videos. Via upload logistic and pre-designed server-buckets, all data are then categorized and segmented.

Contact us today and get all the information you need about Smartphone based user generated branded content and decentralized marketing opportunities.

Example: Quickreporting

A Tool for journalists

Quickreporting is a „crisp“ video reporting format, which enables journalists for the first time, to produce edited and branded videos on the Smartphone - independent from time and place. Cutting sequences and branding are pre-designed and fully automated executed by the App. Within a couple of minutes a finished video is available. Stage directions are guiding through the production process with content and technical advice, which improves the general principles of the reporting process. The 48 Seconds™ concept creates an intuitive and reciprocal understanding of the viewer’s expectation as well as the producer’s – an exceptional advantage for every information channel.

Quick-reporting can also be used for decentralized coverage. Instead of just letting employees create stories, you can as well let interested and motivated users generate branded content. The simple amateur video would become a serious tool of reporting, without additional effort. Finished Quickreporting videos use a built-in upload feature to a server-bucket we provide for the upload and via API the video goes directly to the server infrastructure of the media house. The approval and redistribution of the videos is therefore quite simple.

With the Quickreporting template myMOVIE.GURU provides a trendsetting format, which covers two essential factors of journalism: Time and Quality. Contact us for more and detailed information.

Example: Video-Diary

Easy to use Video Diary

We live in the age of video messages. From the private influencer to the board member of large corporations – there is hardly any field, where videos are not used to spread regularly news into the community.

This phenomenon is constantly increasing in relevance and range and with myMOVIE.GURU comes a tool, which reduces the effort to a minimum. Based on a standardized innovative format, the flow of information is optimized and both sides know exactly what to expect.

The video diary template enables users to create fully edited and branded diary entries within minutes with the Smartphone. The App leads through the different steps and stage directions are supporting the user to keep a high-quality standard and make sure that nothing is forgotten. The 48 Seconds™ concept guarantees the intuitive understanding, due to entertaining and concise messages. At the same time the time limit leads to precision and clearest possible statements. Because the video is executed directly on your Smartphone, you can share and distribute the diary-entry to all relevant channels in no time.

Let your employees, your social media community and your fan base know what’s new, using a personal and attractive video format. Contact us today and we will discuss your ideas at a personal meeting.

Example: Recruiting

Inbound und Outbound HR

myMOVIE.GURU makes possible, what was for a long time to costly not even standardized at all: application for employment in video format. In fact, in both ways, video application of an interested employee and video presentation of an interesting position.

The in-bound HR template enables interested applicants, to answer questions or requests within a pre-produced and standardized frame in a video format. The cutting sequences are always the same. In each sequence a specific question needs to be answered, which will be displayed on screen as a stage direction. Each video is never longer than 48 seconds. It’s not only important what the applicant answers; essential is the general impression, the capabilities of verbal expression, language skills, gestures and facial expression, which creates an overall impression. This overall impression can usually only be learned within a personal interview. Furthermore, the evaluation of a resume takes usually 8 to 10 minutes, although it is never really meaningful; a personal interview is always necessary in order to get a full impression. An application video of myMOVIE.GURU is within one minute evaluated and at the same time much more meaningful and accurate than a CV. Imagine the time and cost saving potentials for the recruiting process within your HR.

The other way of the recruiting process is as well undergoing a revolution with the Outbound HR template. Each HR department, which talks about low rates of applications, needs a tool to distribute company news and new vacancies via social media and digital platforms – this tool is the video.

By creating short, but nevertheless meaningful and appealing MMGs from the workplace, telling about the employees and their satisfaction rate with the company and about products, services, tools and machinery, you improve the overall image of the company on the job market. This enables you to use advertising channels, you weren’t able to use until now. The job market is volatile and fast moving, which makes in-house video teams or employees for common production, cutting and post production way to expensive.

myMOVIE.GURU has the solution: you can produce as much videos as you like, independent of time and place, with your Smartphone. Fully automated instant execution and automated branding delivers all information about your company and potential positions to the job market in order to create demand with the talents you target in real-time: use the out-bound HR template of myMOVIE.GURU.


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