Quick Reporting is a „crisp“ video reporting format, which enables journalists for the first time, to produce edited and branded videos on the smartphone - independent from time and place.

Cutting sequences and branding are pre-designed and fully automated and executed by the App. Within a couple of minutes a finished video is available. Stage directions are guiding through the production process with content and technical advice, which improves the general principles of the reporting process. The 48 Seconds™ concept creates an intuitive and reciprocal understanding of the viewer’s expectation as well as the producer’s – an exceptional advantage for every information channel.

QuickReporting can also be used for decentralized coverage. Instead of just letting employees create stories you can as well let interested and motivated users generate branded content. The simple amateur video would become a serious tool of reporting without any additional effort. Finished QuickReporting videos use a built-in upload feature to a server we provide for the upload and via API the video goes directly to the server infrastructure of the media house. The approval and redistribution of the videos is therefore quite simple.

With the QuickReporting template myMOVIE.GURU provides a trendsetting format, which covers two essential factors of journalism: Time and Quality. Contact us for more and detailed information.

myMOVIE.GURU is an innovative video recording app that allows users to use standardized templates to produce branded video content directly on their smartphones.