QuickReporting reduces the effort to myMOVIE.GURU makes possible what was for a long time to costly or not even standardized at all: job application in video format. In fact both ways are possible: video application of an interested employee and video presentation of an interesting position.

myMOVIE.GURU App´s HR template enables interested applicants to answer questions or requests within a pre-produced and standardized frame in a video format. The cutting sequences are always the same. In each sequence a specific question needs to be answered, which will be displayed before recording on the screen as a stage direction. Each video is never longer than 48 seconds. It’s not only important what the applicant answers; essential is a general impression, the capabilities of verbal expression, language skills, gestures and facial expression, which creates an overall impression. This overall impression can usually only be learned within a personal interview. myMOVIE.GURU makes it possible to decentralize the process and thus makes it independent of time and place. It saves time and money for the applicant and for the employee. Furthermore, the evaluation of a resumé takes usually 8 to 10 minutes and is rarely fully satisfying; a personal interview is always necessary in order to get a good impression. An application video of myMOVIE.GURU is evaluated within one minute and at the same time much more meaningful and accurate than a CV. Imagine the time and cost saving potentials for the recruiting process within your HR.

One further revolutionary use of myMOVIE.GURU in the application process is the efficient placement of open positions.

Each HR department that experiences low rates of applications needs a tool to distribute company news and new vacancies via social media and digital platforms – this tool is a video produced with myMOVIE.GURU.

By creating short but nevertheless meaningful and appealing videos from the workplace, telling about the employees and their satisfaction rate within the company and about products, services, tools and machinery, you improve the company`s overall image on the job market. This enables you to use advertising channels you weren’t able to use until now. The job market is volatile and fast-moving, which makes in-house video teams or employees for common production, cutting and post-production way too expensive.

myMOVIE.GURU has the solution: you can produce as many videos as you like, independent of time and place with your smartphone. Fully automated instant execution and automated branding delivers all information about your company and potential positions to the job market in order to create demand for the talents you target in real-time: simply use the out-bound HR template of myMOVIE.GURU. Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately!



myMOVIE.GURU is an innovative video recording app that allows users to use standardized templates to produce branded video content directly on their smartphones.