Welcome to the myMOVIE.GURU Knowledge Base. Here we provide access to the core concepts and –functionalities of our app myMOVIE.GURU, as well as to examples for it's application in form of a video based Wiki-Blog. Scroll through and just click on the topic you’re interested in for further details.

All videos in this blog are produced with our app, or, more precisely, with a Knowledge-Base Template. The videos were recorded with a Samsung Galaxy S7. Each clip is exactly 48 seconds long, has the same sequential order and the same branding. Apart from the entry “Content Branding” we didn’t invest one single second into post production, video cut or rendering – everything was processed in our app, directly on the Smartphone.

We try to cover as many topics as possible – of course we’re not finished yet; we keep blogging news and updates on a regular basis. In case you’re interested in further details, have questions on a certain topic or want some more examples of a certain product bundle, don’t hesitate to get in touch – maybe we will even answer in a blog post.

We are happy that you’re interested in myMOVIE.GURU and wish you a lot of fun with our wiki vlog!

myMOVIE.GURU is an innovative video recording app that allows users to use standardized templates to produce branded video content directly on their smartphones.