One of the most exciting aspects of the digital revolution is the shift of implementation competence to the periphery, i.e. decentralized institutions, but under the guidance and coordination of centralized units - better known as „Gig-Economy“or „Sharing-Economy“. Companies like AirBNB, Uber or Foodora achieved market leader positions without ever steering a taxi or delivering food by themselves. At the center of all these developments stands not only an idea, the core is primarily technology – the smartphone. This technology provides now the opportunity to implement what so far has only been discussed behind the scenes: User Generated Branded Content.

myMOVIE.GURU is the Uber for marketers: let your customers produce your advertising by using the most successful medium of the 21st century – the video. How should that work? myMOVIE.GURU makes it happen.

Define technical and content specifications first. A template sets steps and enables you to standardize the process of video creation. Benefit from myMOVIE.GURU´s standardized 48 seconds™ concept. Predefine the branding and motivate your clients or your community with a video competition for the production, make them into quick-reporters or let them keep a video-diary.

Each video created does automatically have the exact same structure and, if you wish so, even a similar content – everything of course including your branding. On the one hand, you can generate an endless volume of authentic video material, which is directly saved to a server, where you can access the content filterable and utilizable.

A further step can be added which includes tips, guidance, provides mandatory legal information like Terms and Conditions. The give process makes this simple to implement.

On the other hand, you have the possibility to stimulate your customers to share the content in their own social media bubble and thereby scale your advertising message. This way your message is customized exactly to your target group by employing the individual note of each user.

In a competition an advertising video can be embedded – if a user wants to participate, the video has to be opened. In case of very complex procedures, additional tutorial videos can be placed here. Even an entire knowlegde base – filmed with myMOVIE.GURU – can be placed at this point step-by-step in order to explain the context.

User Generated Branded Content is the future. Contact us and get all the information you need to set sail for your future.


New application areas will be added on a constant basis – so, come again and check it out.

myMOVIE.GURU is an innovative video recording app that allows users to use standardized templates to produce branded video content directly on their smartphones.