Video as a medium for knowledge transfer is a phenomenon which has reached new heights with platforms like YouTube. A lot of companies are already using videos for their knowledge base. Moving pictures are a better way of learning than written text for most people.

With myMOVIE.GURU´s app you can combine the advantages of a wiki, a blog and the medium video together to create useful and efficient knowledge transfer.

When it comes to explaining complicated operations, complex structures or aesthetic context, videos are superior to any written text, especially when accompanied by spoken words. Besides, video overcomes all sorts of language hurdles or reading difficulties and is therefore an universally comprehensible medium.

However, the creation of video-knowledge-databases used to be a lengthy and costly undertaking. Video teams who film, cut and rework a short video are usually expensive and not always or anytime available. With myMOVIE.GURU these problems are solved. Regardless whether you want to provide learning videos, tutorials or video updates within or outside of your company – it never was as easy and cheap to provide professional and attractive information to your employees or your clients.

The format, which is used for those knowledge-base-videos, is based on our 48 Seconds™ concept. This concept provides essential advantages:

  • The attention span of the viewer will be perfectly taken advantage of by providing small and digestible knowledge bits.
  • The video inputs always have the same course and the same duration, which is why expectations in the audience are quickly formed, while this way any possible fears are quickly reduced.
  • With our intelligent guidance system wanted information can be found and accessed much faster.
  • The video producer is requested to formulate the information as precisely as possible and to divide topic overlaps into several units which provides clarity regarding content and structure. This way entries become more attractive and the knowledge base becomes clearly arranged.
  • Special sequences can be repeated during the production, so it is easier for the producer to implement even complex handling or explanations very fast and efficiently.

A template provides automated video cutting and content branding. Therefore, the time needed for producing knowledge-based videos is shortened extremely and thereby highly efficient.  

With little preparation and experience, one single person can produce dozens of entries in just one day. You can watch your knowledge blog, video wiki or video diary grow within a few weeks. This will provide your employees or customers with efficient and attractive information and enables them to find the content they look for fast and easy. Videos are supplemented by the producer with additional texts and information. Through myMOVIE.GURU´s API integration in an existing database is easy and straightforward. It takes no technical knowledge from the user as everyone is guided through the steps by the app.  

Contact us now and we will discuss your ideas and requirements and create your solution together– your Digital Company Video Knowledge Base is at your fingertips.

myMOVIE.GURU is an innovative video recording app that allows users to use standardized templates to produce branded video content directly on their smartphones.