The key element of our app myMOVIE.GURU is the possibility to create pre-defined video templates for our customers. Instead of just filming and then cutting the sequences in a post-production process, our templates allow users to film sequences in a pre-defined length. The app then automatically merges them and includes (intro-) animations, overlays and branding, turning even amateurs into video creation experts.

Users can view and record the different sequences over and over again, before moving to the next sequence. It doesn’t matter when a certain sequence is recorded, users can film one part of the video in one place, close the app and finish the video later at another location. By processing the video by simply tapping on a button, the final cut will be processed, including  overlays containing the data the user has entered beforehand, the animations and the logo branding.

The USP of myMOVIE.GURU is that the app provides multiple forms of guidance during the creation of the video. Therefore, the templates are compiled of individual steps, which, in turn, each contain explanations and on-screen stage directions telling the user exactly what to do and how to do it.

Furthermore, the number and duration of the sequences in a template are predefined – that means that all videos created with  a specific template are structurally identical. If you combine step by step guidance, predefined sequence amount and length and our proven 48 Seconds™ concept, you get videos which are structurally identical, have comparable content and are easy to digest for the consumer. Through all of these aspects we can provide standardization for video content created in a decentralized way, by coworkers or even customers.

And there’s more. The goal of our templates isn’t limited to video creation. Template steps can contain information, even stream (explanatory) videos themselves to increase guidance; they can be used for data entry or be as advertising areas within the template. Allover, the templates of myMOVIE.GURU are mainly there to facilitate the creation of standardized videos, but are in fact way more than that.

We have already developed templates for specific business cases as out-of-the-box solutions for a certain trades, such as car sales or real estate. We do, however, also program tailor-fit solutions for the particular challenges or situations companies are faced with. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation meeting.

myMOVIE.GURU is an innovative video recording app that allows users to use standardized templates to produce branded video content directly on their smartphones.